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Staffing firms use CrewSnap to win more clients and operate more efficiently than ever before. 

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What you get with CrewSnap

The software platform you always wished you had

Workflow Management

Manage all of your firm’s workflows in one place from talent, clients, requisitions, submissions, interviews, and contracts.

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Auto Resume Branding

Automagically convert candidates’ resumes into your branding in seconds, then edit with ease. 

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Client Submission Portal

We give you a branded submission portal that will impress your clients and help you close deals faster. 

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Why staffing firms love us

We give you branded tools to operate your firm in easy mode

Operational Bliss

Manage your entire staffing operations from one simple software tool without all the bloat. 

Create Branded Resumes in Seconds

Gone are the days of creating resumes by hand. Our AI-powered resume builder lets you create branded resumes in seconds with just a click and a drag. You can override fields and customize the resumes to your brand style. 


You’ll be submitting candidates and closing more deals faster than ever before! 

Close Deals Faster

Ready to simplify the process of submitting candidate information to clients? CrewSnap accelerates your sales process by eliminating the need for disorganized spreadsheets and lengthy submissions by email. 



With a few clicks, you can attach candidates to requisitions and create a client-specific portal. Additionally, it provides real-time updates when clients open the portal and allows your clients to leave feedback quickly. 

CrewSnap Leads

Put your lead gen on auto pilot

Crush your sales goals

Sales ops in your inbox

Get sales opportunities for companies that are outsourcing their staffing delivered right to your inbox.

Verified buying intent

Through AI-powered bots and human verification, we’ll deliver you details on the exact role being outsourced.

Verified contact details

We’ll provide you with verified contact details for the most likely decision-maker overseeing the outsourcing. 


Very secure. We take security seriously and only store data in top-tier data center environments with best-in-class security. 

You own all of the data you put into CrewSnap. Our platform simply helps you manage your data and make your business run in easy mode. You can request a data backup and to have your data removed from our systems at any time. 

CrewSnap is an all-in-one software tool designed specifically for staffing firms. We help you run your staffing business on easy mode with features that include an AI-powered branded resume builder, client submission portal, and countless business workflow automation tools. 

CrewSnap does have a few very light ATS features, but most companies choose to continue using their existing ATS in combination with CrewSnap. 

CrewSnap is a first-of-its-kind software solution designed specifically for the nitty gritty workflows of a staffing business. All the other solutions on the market cater to many types of companies, or at best, staffing firms as a whole. We're the first solution on the market to address the unique needs of a staffing company.